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Orange Friday Nov 12 & 13

You're gonna be full the day after Thanksgiving, that's why we're having our BIG DEALS before turkey day.  Clementine's Orange Friday & Saturday Sale is November 12th & 13th. We'll have Thanksgiving essentials like stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, bake-at-home apple pie, and more, FROZEN and ready to take home for 20% off!

FROZEN?!! Yes, it's true. We've tested and tasted and developed step-by-step instructions for our most popular Thanksgiving items - and we can say with 100% confidence that they taste just as good. Yay! This means you can stock up ahead of time AND save 20% (and maybe get an extra bit of stuffing to have on hand for random moments when you're feeling thankful).

Thanksgiving pick-up day is going to be super-busy at Clementine, so this is also our way of saying "be prepared," "stay ahead of the game," "eat early and often." You get a discount and the security of knowing you're stocked up - and we get more OVEN SPACE for our busiest day of the year!

 Discount applied at checkout. Click below to order!

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