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Before you pick up...

Text us so we can gather your order!

We look forward to seeing you today! 

To make things safe and efficient for you and our staff, please TEXT us the FULL NAME the order was placed under and your PHONE NUMBER to when you are about 30 minutes away from Clementine. 

Please adhere to your order pick-up time.
We have made safety precautions for you and our staff regarding pick-up time windows. Thank you! 

We are only offering curbside pick-up. Please stay in your cars and please be patient as we are fulfilling a lot of orders and we want to do this in the safest way possible.

There is no takeout service, and there are no order add-ons. We cannot thank you enough for your support and patience! 

Below is the order process for today:

Step 1: Text us when you are headed over so we can start gathering your order (30 minutes out)

Step 2: We will text you back when we've received your text.

Step 3: We will text you AGAIN when your order is gathered and ready for curbside pick-up. If there is any delay, it is because we are still working on it :)

Step 4: Come to one of the designated pick-up spots in front of the restaurant.

Step 5: Have a Happy Passover!

*Please note, if you are parked in one of our designated pick-up spots and you have not received a confirmation that your order is ready for curbside, we ask that you please move your car so other orders can get in and out quickly.


The Clementine Team