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A Grilled Cheese Story

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A Grilled Cheese Story

Clementine has celebrated Grilled Cheese Month every April for the past 20 years

     We’ve watched Grilled Cheese Month grow and play, from Cheeseball, to Cheesedance, to Curds Against Humanity. We danced at GCM’s Quesoñera, watched GCM go to college, major in Chemistry, and throw away that degree to become a magician. We’re so proud at how GCM worked to get out the vote, and shared cheesy wisdom with the masses. When the world was coming to an end, GCM averted the apocalypse, by aligning the stars just right. And just last year, GCM was celebrated at the industry’s cheesiest, most prestigious event.

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     Well, Grilled Cheese Month is 21 now, and the world is a lot different than the one GCM was born into in 2002. At 21, Grilled Cheese came and told me:

     “Mom, I don’t want to be a Month anymore. You’re too obsessed. You put all this pressure on ME to fulfill YOUR cheesy ambitions!”

     I felt like I’d been slapped with a hot spatula. Things escalated quickly, I was having a meltdown, and not the kind you can eat. I accused Grilled Cheese of being ungrateful, and Grilled Cheese accused me of being “lactose intolerant,” (not true!).

     “You’re hurt because I’m mostly vegan now,” I said. 

     “No, Mom!” Grilled Cheese yelled, oozing with butter and rage, “That’s not it…and besides, stop acting all high and mighty - ‘mostly vegan’ is NOT vegan!” 

     We retreated to our [golden, crispy] corners for a while. But eventually we were able to cut through the bread and the noise, come back to the table, and have a heart-to-curd talk. And that’s when I finally understood. Grilled Cheese wasn’t rejecting us, Grilled Cheese just no longer wanted to identify as one thing: one sport, one game, one job, one party, one gender, one theme, one month

     Just like a fine, cave-aged gruyere, Grilled Cheese had matured. And, along with that maturity, Grilled Cheese wanted a little more freedom. Freedom to experiment. Freedom to be open-faced, inside-out, double-decker, or on a roll. Freedom to be basic or fancy, savory or sweet, stinky, traditional or avant-curd. Freedom to hang in a group or go solo. Freedom to be enjoyed here or to-go.

     “Grilled Cheese, I love you,” I said, wiping my eyes with my butter-stained napkin. "I will always be here for you.”

     “I know, Mama. I love you too,” said Grilled Cheese, “and I will always be here for you too  -  always in at least three varieties and a Build-Your-Own option.”  

     And that, dear reader, is the story of how Grilled Cheese grew up, slipped the bonds of the Dairy Council promotional calendar and went on to provide pleasure and comfort to millions year-round.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call...or order online, or stop by...Clementine.